I appreciate people who engage on creative activity outside of work. I try to be like them.


I’m an elected board member of the Association des travailleurs grecs du Québec (greek workers’ association of Quebec).


I’ve dabbled in long distance running and I’m recently back at it.


Garlic Beets

In Texas, I survived the stress of grad school and emigration by founding a rebetiko band named Πατζάρια Σκορδαλιά (Patzaria Skordalia, which means Garlic Beets).

Five Dudes from Peraius - Patzaria Skordalia from Ioannis Mitliagkas on Vimeo.

Music in Montreal

Lately I play a variety of styles with many different musicians. Montreal is great for that! Some videos might come up soon.


Over the years I’ve been interested in photography, with mixed results.